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Be Matt’s MUSE. Tell Your Story. An incredible, one of its kind offer. 

This is Your Opportunity to be Immortalized through a custom Song creation. 


Experience the Transcendent Feeling of Having YOUR *Life Story* Expressed Through Matt’s Unique Artistry — and Enjoy this Feeling for the Rest of Your Life. 


Through a series of exploratory calls and over the course of a three month time period, you will work with Matt to illuminate and revisit what has been — and what you choose to be — the story of your life. Matt then creates a unique work of art based on the information and feelings you convey, through his own kaleidoscope of sound. The result is an incredibly personal work of art that weaves and embeds luminescent threads of your life story into the lyrical, emotional and musical content of a powerfully intimate song that you can connect with and Relive over and over again. Ultimately this is a deep, cathartic experience that has the ability to help usher you into a space of heightened understanding, awareness and gratitude for your life. Well A beautiful life affirmation, of the highest order. 


Email to schedule an introductory call and join the waitlist for this one of a kind opportunity.  

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